High Water May Cause Outages

Gonzales, Texas– August 24, 2017 – With heavy rains and flash flooding expected throughout the entire service area of the Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) this weekend due to Hurricane Harvey, the Cooperative is urging its members to be prepared and patient.  Flooding conditions, especially in rural areas, may cause interruptions of electric service or delays in restoring power. Know that if either of these situations occur, GVEC crews and supporting employee teams will be on the job working to restore power as quickly as safe conditions will allow.


In flooding conditions, it is important to be aware of basic safety information and guidelines for restoral. Flood waters may cause poles and trees to break and fall onto power lines, leaving exposed wire lying on the ground in some areas. Be alerted that the wire could be energized. If you come upon any exposed wire, stay away and call 911 or GVEC to report the danger.


Especially in rural settings, crews may have difficulty reaching some areas to make line repairs due to high water. If water levels reach homes in certain low-lying areas, GVEC will proactively disconnect power in these areas to de-energize electrical equipment as a safety precaution for the public and crews. Members are encouraged to call GVEC at 1-800-223-GVEC (4832) immediately if they experience flooding in the home to ensure power has been disconnected.


“During extensive flooding conditions, our first priority is the safety of our members and our crews,” says Darren Schauer. “Crews are prepared and committed to restoring power as quickly as safe conditions allow. As long as there is any member out of power, GVEC will be working.”


For GVEC members, if your power is out, you can report outages by phone at 1-800-223-4832, via the Smarthub app, or TextPower texting program. In storm conditions, GVEC has additional customer service representatives and dispatchers in place and keeps crews positioned in key locations to support response times.


Stay tuned to local radio stations or follow GVEC on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates.  Members can also track current outages atwww.gvec.org under “Electric” then “Report an Outage” by computer or a cell phone.

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