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Jocelyn ‘always has a smile on her face’

Young people in Cuero love to give back to their community. Jocelyn Seals, a junior at Cuero High School, fits into that category. Through her battle with cancer, which is now in remission, Seals has kept a positive outlook. She stays active in school activities and with local non-profits.

Linda Anzaldua, President of Pet Adoptions of Cuero, noticed the joy Seals has in helping at the shelter.

“This young lady has gone through cancer treatments and more and always has a smile on her face,” Anzaldua said.

Seals went to Pet Adoptions of Cuero to help out because she is a member of HOSA and the National Honor Society.

“HOSA chose Pet Adoptions as their annual project to help and assist,” Anzaldua recalled. “She has been coming to the shelter since last September.”

Not all shelter work is just petting or walking the animals, Anzaldua noted.

“Jocelyn Seals has shown up so many times and goes above and beyond to assist in any area of shelter work we ask her to,” Anzaldua stated. “She is truly dedicated and earnest in all her efforts and truly is a wonderful example of young people coming out to help and not doing it just to get a paycheck – as the shelter is and always will be run by volunteers.”

For Seals, coming through the intense treatment was difficult, and she said it plainly.

“It sucked,” Seals recalled. “I just felt like it was something I needed to do. I still kinda try to live a normal life. I go to school. It did have a big impact. It did change a lot, but I’m good now.”

At the halfway point, Seals started to get sicker and sicker.

“I asked my doctor for a break from chemotherapy, but he said that’s not really possible,” Seals remembered. “I was kinda done with it about half way through. My mom was like, “You gotta finish.””

Even with the cancer in remission, it remains a big part of her life, but she is able to do much more again.

“I still have to go back a lot,” Seals said of returning to the doctor for checkups. “I feel like I have a lot more free time now and more time to get school work done.”

Seals is not only involved with Pet Adoptions of Cuero but also several school activities.

“I’m in NHS (National Honor Society),” Seals said. “We have fundraisers. Last night, [May 10] with student council we have to put on the annual powder puff game. I work with Pet Adoptions [of Cuero] a lot. It means a lot, because I love Mrs. Linda [Anzaldua]. I love working with the dogs over there. I’ve got back into sports. I enjoy it.”

Seals is set to graduate from Cuero High School in May 2018 and has big aspirations.

“I wanna attend Texas State afterwards and get my prerequisites for their physical therapy program and then get into their doctorate program,” Seals stated.

Wherever she goes, Seals will always have a deep fondness for her hometown.

“I love Cuero,” Seals said. “I love the small town and stuff like that, growing up with all these people, and I’m still around all of them. I know almost everybody here, and they were a big help during chemotherapy, supporting-wise.”

Seals is the daughter of James and Hope Picha. She has three younger brothers: Travis, Trevor and Trenton.

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