Master Drainage Plan in the works

By Allison Flores

The Cuero Record

DeWitt County Drainage District No. 1 (DCDD1) held a public meeting Friday, June 14 regarding a Master Drainage Plan to inform and receive more insight from the community. The Master Drainage Plan contains “Rules and Regulations” and a Drainage Criteria Manual that will be enforced, and has recommendations from the District’s engineering firm, Doucet and Associates, to achieve the District’s goal of protecting property and enhancing quality of life.

Beth Parker, DCDD1 General Manager, opened up the meeting by explaining the need for a drainage district, a master plan, and what steps are set to follow. The DCDD1 has the responsibility of regulating and monitoring development to ensure that future projects do not negatively effect folks up or downstream of the development.

To create rules and regulations regarding drainage, a master plan needed to be created first.

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