Rain or shine, tricksters get treats

By Roger Cowan

Yorktown News-View

Halloween in Yorktown this year, may have been a bit wet, but it did nothing to sway the excitement the children displayed as families packed the pavilion in the local park.

Standing room only under the pavilion, children and adults alike showed off their costumes for all to admire. After passing through, the ghouls and goblins, princesses and cowboys took to the streets. From house to house and door to door, the children again lived a night that has been celebrated by families since years long since forgotten.

The wonderful costumes, cheerful laughter, and smiles as the children explored their goodies spread out on a living room floor outshined and bad news on the television or radio. For this one night, everything was lost in the smiling faces across town, and the laughing conversations between parents as they schemed amongst themselves about what sweet treats they might sneak from the kiddos when they weren’t looking.

A big Happy Halloween from your friends at the Yorktown News-View. May you all have your fill of sugar-filled goodness, and don’t forget to schedule your dentist appointment!

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