Record readers relatively reflective of state voters in poll results

By Cameron Wallace

The Cuero Record

When Texas 2036 polled state voters, it showed that Texans were increasingly concerned about the future of the state, based on a few questions.

Recently, we asked you, the readers of The Cuero Record, to take part in an unscientific poll to find out what you think.

Here are the results:

26% of Texas voters said they feel financially worse off than last year.  52% of Cuero residents feel that they’re better off than last year.

52% of Texas voters say that the state is worse off than this time last year. Cuero is right in line with state numbers, also with 52%.

88% of Texans support water projects to improve both the cleanliness of drinking water and access to water during droughts. 89% of Cuero support those projects as well.

83% of Texans polled support upgrades to the state’s electrical grid and generation capacity, including weatherization, new energy technologies, and transmission improvements. 93% of Cuero residents support those upgrades.

81% of Texas voters are in favor of a broadband and communications infrastructure, which would increase access to the internet in rural and underserved areas, as well as enhance disaster response capabilities.  An overwhelming number of Cuero residents are in favor of these, coming in at 96%.

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