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Short film; big dreams

By Robert Proctor

The Cuero Record

Growing up in Texas, Blake DeLong didn’t have an understanding about how films are made. The star of “Bagatelle,” which filmed in Cuero, now has the opportunity to share his knowledge with aspiring actors and filmmakers along with writer/director Daniel Levin.

Over a year after completing their short film, Levin and DeLong are embarking on turning it into a feature for many more people to see and need investment support.

“It’s attracting a lot of attention,” DeLong said of the short film, which they premiered in Los Angeles. “We’re looking to generate interest and ultimately to find financial support.”

At this point, they’ve come together with a number of partners in the United States and Europe.

To capitalize on all these connections, they need home base support.

“Home base for us is here,” Levin said. “It’s also Austin and Houston. Cuero is really the cornerstone of all our activities.”

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