SNYPD still in operation despite store closing

By Cameron Wallace

The Cuero Record

Sad. Heartbreaking. Those are the words Crystal Irvin uses to describe the recent closing of SYNPD’s Paws & Claws resale store on East Main Street in Cuero.

“We opened in April of 2019 and were very successful right up until we closed the store,” says Irvin. “We were paying our rent without a problem, but we couldn’t get enough volunteers to keep the store open.”

Lack of volunteers is a problem, not only in DeWitt County, but nationwide as well. It’s hard to get people to volunteer when businesses can’t fill jobs that pay.

In 2019, their first year in operation, SNYPD issued 196 vouchers for spaying and neutering pets, equaling $9,600 in vet bills.

The following year, despite COVID and a change of location, the charity issued 486 vouchers, covering $25,000 in vet bills; and this year, up until the store was closing, SNYPD issued 405 vouchers, worth $23,000 in vet bills.

Irvin also said, “Spaying and neutering pets is so important in stopping overpopulation, disease, and other things. We don’t get large donations, so our resale store really helped us.

“We had so much pride in the store, so it was heartbreaking to close, but we just couldn’t get the help.”

According to Irvin, the store wasn’t just about helping pets. “It helped people–especially low-income families–in DeWitt County. The items we sold were rarely above three dollars, so people could come and buy clothing for far less than they would pay at retail stores. In the winter, we would donate a lot of blankets to low-income families as well. Pets, people, families...they’re all part of our community.”

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