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Tradition continues at Davy Store

By Roger Cowan

Yorktown News-View

Just north of Yorktown, in a smal, nondescript building beside Hwy 119, traditions still hold strong.

This past Friday night, the parking lot was overflowing as folks gathered to celebrate the Christmas spirit through fellowship and song. Since 1971, the Davy Store singalong hasn’t missed a year, and the crowds grows a little each time as another generation joins the fray.

Leroy and Dolly Ruppert started the sing along when they pruchased the store 46 years ago. Though attendance was small then, Friday night saw a capacity crowd that struggled to walk past one another. Sheets with Christmas carol lyrics where passed out to any who wanted one, and guitar accompaniment drifted from the skilled fingers of two gentlemen in the rear of the store. 

Three and four generations of families came, and as parents and older siblings sang along, younger children could be seen playing and the sound of laughter and joy filled the air. When thinking of the meaning of the holidays, the Davy Store singalong provides the perfect example. Reminding you of a scene from a Hallmark movie, it was hard not to smile. 

Adding to the special occasion, the Rupperts celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary on December 13th. Mr. Ruppert tunred 91 this year, while Mrs. Ruppert celebrated 87 years.

Next year, on a quiet December night, perhaps you too can take the short drive north to share in a bit of holiday cheer. Here’s to another 46 years of family tradition.

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