YISD makes plans to better school rating

By Allison Flores

Yorktown News-View

School district accountability results were released Aug. 15 by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Texas schools received ratings of an A, B, C, D, or F. Overall, Yorktown ISD received a ‘D’ for 2018-2019, dropping from a ‘C’ for the 2017-2018 school year; TEA notes that a school receiving a D needs improvement on student achievement when not enough students are making adequate academic progress to be eventually prepared for success in college, a career, or the military.

Based on STAAR testing results, YISD overall scored a 65 out of 100, with 11% of test takers “mastering” the grade level, 33% “meeting” grade level expectations, and 66% “approaching” grade level. TEA states that students who “Meet Grade Level” generally demonstrate the ability to think critically and apply grade level knowledge and skills in familiar contexts.

Those who “Master Grade Level” know it well enough to apply those skills even in unfamiliar contexts, outside the classroom. Students who “Approach Grade Level” are likely to succeed in the next grade as long as they receive targeted academic intervention.

Yorktown Elementary received an ‘F’ from TEA, which was stated on their website as unacceptable achievement when fewer than 35% of students meet grade level; YISD elementary had 64% of students approaching grade level on the STAAR tests, with 24% meeting grade level and 10% mastering.

“Early reading and math literacy is extremely important for student success throughout their educational career,” stated YISD superintendent Katherine Kuenstler. 

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