No plans for city to euthanize animals

There are no plans to euthanize any animals as part of plans to move to the new city animal shelter.

Cuero Police Chief Jay Lewis said, “There was some bad information put out on Facebook over the weekend that we were going to euthanize all the animals in the shelter. That is untrue.”
Lewis said the city began moving animals from the city’s old shelter to the newly built shelter Monday morning. The new shelter is located on city property north of Cuero on FM 766 near the state prison.
He said there were about 18 dogs in the shelter Monday morning. Two of those dogs will be transitioned to the new shelter.
The remainder of the dogs will be transferred to Pet Adoptions of Cuero, Inc. to be housed in an over-flow facility that was previously a veterinary clinic here. Those dogs will be available for adoption, some will be foster cared and some will be sent to rescue facilities. None are to be euthanized.
As Chief Lewis explained, dogs picked-up by the animal control officer starting this week will be housed in the new animal shelter.
After a dog has been in the shelter for five days, then it will be eligible for adoption. Pet Adoptions of Cuero, Inc. will assist in getting those dogs adopted or rescued.
The cats in the city’s current facility will be moved to the new shelter to a separate building established for cats.
For more information on adopting dogs, call Ron at 277-3706. For more information on adopting cats, call 277-3706.
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