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4th Annual Anna Marie Garcia Fall Run 5K results

By Gilbert Pargmann

Nordheim News

If you were in Nordheim this past Saturday, there wasn’t much driving as many were running the 5K run at the Nordheim High School on a designated route. Even our oldest man to run was a miracle in itself. Heard they had to stand by with oxygen. The 4th Annual Anna Marie Garcia Fall Fun Walk/Run was sponsored by the Nordheim Senior Class and Nordheim Beacon of Hope Team.

The results of the run was written up by Patricia Garcia on a promise that she would do so because she has something to do after church and leave it in my mail box before 5 p.m. as she had to go to another function. Thank You Tish.  

The results are as follows:

4th grade and under: Females–1st: Elizabeth Buinn, 2nd: Carly Metting 3rd: Aileen Warwas

5th to 9th grad:  Females–1st: Abby Klein, 2nd: Olivia Hobbs, 3rd: Faith Pena Males–1st: Mason Tessmann, 2nd: Jacob Torres, 3rd: Boyce Tessmann

10th grade to age 20 years old: Females–1st: Danielle Wilson, 2nd: Jessica Knetig, 3rd: Paisley Perez Males–1st: Deric Torres, 2nd: David Torres, 3rd: Jakob Denton

21 to 39 years old: Females–1st: Melissa Jacob, 2nd: Kimberly Saunders, 3rd: Sarah Wallin Males–1st: Randy Castillo

40 to 55 years old: Females–1st: Lynette Metting, 2nd: Shawn Depine, 3rd: Kristal Ross

55 and older : Females–1st: Pat Wright, 2nd: Shirley Dueser, 3rd: Sharon Guinn Males–1st: Delmiro Villanueva, 2nd: Larry Salyer

Everyone had a great time and was greeted by our Mayor Cathy Payne who offered congratulatory messages as they came in.

Toward the end of the run, she offered those sympathy but it was all in good fun.

Everyones participation helped to raise money for cancer research. Next Year’s 5K will be on Saturday, October 31, 2020.

Photo by Areanna Cochran/Yorktown News-View

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