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The call of a lifetime

By Jacob Stock

The Cuero Record

Dreams formed into a reality after the conclusion of last week’s NFL draft when Cuero graduate Caeveon Patton received one of his most rewarding phone calls.

“My sister and family had a house party that we had planned months in advance. We didn’t know when we planned it that Saturday was the last day of the draft. So the week leading up to it we were joking all week about it saying what if you get a call and all the family was here,” described Patton on leading up to the special moment.

When asked how that moment transpired with a host of family and friends around, Patton described, “I’m playing dominoes with the family just watching the last round seeing all the defensive linemen going in front of me. I’m like these guys are not better than me,” expressed Patton. “After I watched that last pick like five minutes later I got a call from my agent and he was like hey, do you want to be a Colt?”

Soon after the call everything started to take form for Patton’s future.

“After that the Colts called me and told me they really liked me, that I was consistent all my years [at Texas State]. They just wanted to give me a chance. That’s all I ever needed was a chance,” acknowledged Patton.

Leading up to the draft, it has been full grind mode for Patton since the final snap of his college career.

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