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CJHS cheerleaders host camp, earn awards

Cuero Junior High School held a cheer camp June 12-14 at the competition gym with two National Cheerleading Association accredited cheerleaders. Cuero cheerleaders earned many awards, including a national bid to a championship in Dallas. Many cheerleaders were also nominated as All-Americans with three earning the accolade.

Hayley Hadlock of Texas A&M University and Kayla Escobar of Northwest Alamo College led the camp.

“The girls came down, and they sponsored a cheer camp for three days,” Cuero Junior High cheer consultant/pep rally coordinator Laura Notaro said. “The girls were able to learn various chants, cheers, stunts, all of which we will use for our junior high pep rallies in the fall.”

The Cuero cheerleaders were also evaluated, earning many ribbons and accolades. They earned superior ribbons, which is the top ribbon, in cheer and chant.

“We got a national bid to a championship in Dallas that we can choose or not choose to go to,” Notaro noted. “We got an award called the stunt safe award for practicing safe stunting. We never had a girl hit the ground; we had nobody dropped, nothing like that, so that was probably my favorite award. We also got a technical excellence and pyramid award. We got a special invitation to various NCA events, like a parade. It could be multiple things if the girls choose to go to them.”

The junior high cheer team have to decide by November if they want to attend the NCA championship which is in January.

Cuero also had 14 All-American nominations, and three were chosen as All-American cheerleaders. The nominees were Desi Flessner, Abbey Drier, Karisa Rubio, Kendal Trevino, Elizabeth Gonzales, Kayla Ybarra, Kenze Ybarra, Kara Hernandez, Emily Clifton, Delanie Carnes, Haley Franke, Macey Hahn, Hannah Sweatman and Mallorey Villa. Flessner, Drier and Clifton were named All-Americans.

For the All-American nominations, they could be nominated in the areas of dance, jumps, stunts, motion and tumbling.

“The All-American tryouts are judged much like a regular cheerleader tryout,” Notaro said. “Our two NCA cheerleaders, Hayley and Kayla, have a scoring system that they rate each girl on. The girls perform the camp cheer; they showcase any tumbling; and they have to show jumps, as well.”

Cuero Junior High has one mascot, Carmen Deleon. Their cheer manager, who works very closely with the mascot, is Indiah Williams.

“Our mascot was also in attendance at the camp,” Notaro said. “They worked on music mixes for pep rallies in the fall. They also learned and performed a couple of routines for the parents. The parents all came yesterday afternoon, [June 14] and they got to see a showcase of everything the girls had learned. They were there when the girls had their final evaluation. They were also there when the girls tried out for All-American.”

The junior high cheer booster club funded the camp through various fundraisers. They also provided lunch everyday for the girls. Shelly Drier is the president of the parent booster club. Coaches and sponsor for Cuero Junior High cheer are Becky Wolf (cheer coach), Layton Brooker (mascot coach), Stephanie Tabola (cheer sponsor) and Notaro.

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